What is Mindfulness and Compassion Based Therapy?




Mindfulness can be seen as a healing process that addresses both the underlying causes of human suffering and offers a practical way to deal with our difficulties in daily life. It may be that mindfulness plays a significant role in most forms of effective psychotherapy, either explicitly or implicitly.


Compassion is the mindful response to pain and difficulty - a natural arising of the wish to relieve and, when possible, alleviate suffering. Self-compassion is the compassionate response to our own experience of suffering. Clearly compassion belongs at the heart of therapy.



There are 3 ways that mindfulness and compassion underpin the therapy we provide:


1. The therapist embodies mindfulness and compassion, sharing their awareness and offering

    a safe space, empathy and understanding


2. Insights from the practice of mindfulness and compassion inform the therapeutic process


3. The therapist teaches people mindfulness and self-compassion skills and practices




So what might you expect from Mindfulness and Compassion Based Therapy?


Your therapist will do their very best to attend to your needs, wishes and goals with respect and kindness


Working together with your therapist as a team, clarifying what really matters to you, supporting you to activate your inner strengths and resources, taking steps towards a more enriching life.


To the best of their ability, the therapist will embody Mindfulness and Compassion in their interactions with you.


Strengthen your ability to live from a place of self-compassion and self-respect, rather than self-criticism and shame.


Should you choose it, you will have the opportunity to learn Mindfulness and Compassion practices tailored specifically for you.


A safe place to explore your lived experiences, develop your awareness and understanding and as a result increase your ability to be more proactive and less reactive.


An enriching experience that can enable you to recognise and release unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviour and grow into a more positive way of being.


"Mindfulness For All is the real thing!"

Dr David McMurtry, Co-founder of the M.Sc. Studies in Mindfulness, University of Aberdeen

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